Business Under Surveillance (BUS) Programme Audit

The objective of BUS Programme audit is to assess the effectiveness of the exisiting Safety & Health Management Systems for organization which are under the programme initiated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and to ensure that organization have agreement all corrective actions to close the gaps so as to get released from BUS Programme.

The audit system of ways of doing includes document review, site inspection and interview of key personnel.

Corrective Action Plans taken shall cover the below:

  • Risk Management Implementation for dangerous Operations
  • Analysis of Past Accidents and Non-Compliances and Proposal of prevention definition
  • Update WSH Management System
  • Onsite action and Proposal of Preventive Measures


BUS Programme is a systemic intervention tool to regulate poor performing companies to focus on developing and implementing a robust safety and health management system to improve their WSH performance.

Organisation could enter the BUS programme if it has:

Fatal accidents

  • Multiple workplace injuries or Dangerous Occurrences
  • Poor enforcement records
  • (For construction sector) Accumulated demerit points
  • Demonstrated poor WSH management (such as poor site conditions that result in Stop Work Orders)
  • Accumulated demerit points.

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