wsh auditor


Starting in 2019, companies involved in serious accidents that have resulted in amputations and hospitalization of workers may be required by MoM to engage WSH auditor to conduct Accident Investigation and prepare an Investigation Report.
The Auditor will bring the company through the following procedures:.
  • Interview the staff and injured worker, 
  • Check if the company has revised its risk assessment 
  • Check if the company has updated its safe work procedures, 
  • Advice on implementing adequate safety control measures such as providing safety guards for machines 
  • Advice on how to inform all the workers about the new control measures and safe work procedures
The Auditor will also provide the following service:

  • Submit an audit report to the company upon completion of the audit indicating the findings and recommendations in the report 
  • Advise the company to take immediate action to remedy any unsafe condition or unsafe work practice found during the audit that may result in imminent danger to the safety and health of persons at work